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Elite Asia (MY) offers a wide range of communications solutions services. We are just as readily accessible in person in major Asian cities as we are virtually over the internet. Getting to us is easy and we respond to enquiries and business needs. Service packages can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • TRANSLATION – of written texts may include full-length texts or condensing from the original language into a summary for the target language, or elaboration from a summary into a detailed report in the targeted language.

  • TRANSCRIPTION – services are also efficiently available. We have proficient language speakers able to deliver readable formats for your audio files. Real-time recording and transcription is also available.

  • TYPESETTING / DESKTOP PUBLISHING (DTP) – services are provided for clients with difficulties in manipulating Asian language font types such as Thai and Hindi to complement the design in brochures or posters.

  • COPYWRITING – services are available to help you define, articulate and label aspects of your business that you need help with. We also offer editing and proofreading services to help you polish existing business texts. These services are available all within one particular language.

  • PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETERS – are available via our sister company ELITE INTERPRETERS ASIA PTE. LTD to assist you during real-time events where communication across languages is needed. Our interpreters are quick, astute and equipped with business etiquette and language. You can trust that we help you put your best foot forward, even during crunch time.

  • SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING EQUIPMENT – rental is possible also via ELITE INTERPRETERS ASIA PTE. LTD for the likes of larger corporate meetings, when you need interpretation done efficiently and effortlessly en masse.





With a focus in Asia, our resources are geared towards be a boutique service bureau that understands the unique needs of Asian businesses and organizations. The European Language translation services we provide are thus delivered with an Asian perspective as requested by most of our clients. Simply put, Asian businesses venturing into European cities would not want their Asian values and principles of doing business to be lost in translation. As an Asian business ourselves, such requirements are what truly set us apart, a business that is for Asia and by Asia. Let us know how you would like your distinctive Asian voice to be set apart from the cacophony of globalization and we shall deliver. Call us at +60 3 9212 8558 or use our web form .


TRANSLATION IN Malaysia has been without a doubt a key force for change in the global cultural landscape. It has aided Asian countries by facilitating the flow of knowledge across cultural divides and in breaking communication barriers. Being one of the oldest vocations in the world, translators would quietly toil behind their papers (or keyboards) unknown to many. Yet, their indelible mark on history is in no way small, changing societies’ ways of life and quenching their fellowman’s insatiable thirst for knowledge.

The histories of TRANSLATION IN Malaysia is rather obscure from historians, though it’s most evident impact would be the translation of religious scriptures which directly influenced the spread of religions far from their place of origin.

In Elite Asia (MY), we clearly understand the power we wield with our pens (and keyboards) and would definitely wield it responsibly. Call us at +60 3 9212 8558 or use our web form and let us know how we can be a force for good in your translation projects.

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