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Elite Translations Asia’s CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES extend to corporates that are in industries such as Banking & Finance, Pharmaceutical & Medical Healthcare, Media & Marketing, Travel & Hospitality and more. Getting a pass for foreign legal systems are crucial for businesses that are looking to expand into international markets. Our CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES in Malaysia are recognised by most^ government ministries and agencies for corporates that require fast, professional and accurate translations.

As Elite Translations Asia'’s CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES use detailed guidelines, techniques and standards* required for the validity of certified translations, accuracy is guaranteed, and fraud is prevented. Our translators are also ready to endorse affidavits or notarize the translated document when necessary. The CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES are required to the documents that need to be certified for official use.

*Certified translations are often required to be an exact translation of the source without omitting or adding to the content and must be certified with the translator’s signature or authorized personnel from an accredited translations company, in order to be accepted by the courts and the authorities.

^While most government ministries and agencies accept our certificate of translations as it is (along with the frequent change of requirements), there are cases where the notarization of such certificates are necessary as well as other requirements are needed. Hence, we strongly advise you to check with the accepting authorities the requirements before commissioning your certified translations with us.

The languages for Elite Asia’s CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICES are as follows; Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu / Malay, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese / Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Laos, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Vietnamese, German, French, Russian, etc.

Follow the simple steps below to request for your document to be translated and certified;

  • • Ensure that you are a Corporate client.
  • • CLICK the BUTTON below and fill up the form for an obligation free quotation.
  • • Contact us at +60 3 9212 8558 / to confirm our receipt of your request.
  • • Wait for us to contact you for details.
  • • That’s It!

  Malaysia certified translation services

Contact our colleague in charge of certified translations @ +60 3 9212 8558 should you require further information.

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